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School teacher

You as a teacher in the pre-school and school education system can successfully join the Erasmus+ Programme.

Key Action 1 (KA1), “School Education” field, enables you to improve your teaching skills, learn new teaching methods, and learn about other European education and training systems.

The actions that you can participate in are the following:

  1. Teaching Assignments – this activity will allow you to teach at another partner school abroad;
  2. Participation in structured courses or training events abroad – this activity will support your professional development;
  3. Job shadowing – you will be given the opportunity to spend time at a foreign partner school or other relevant organisation working in the field of school education.

The duration of the activities may vary from 2 days to 2 months.

The programme will cover your travel, accommodation, meals, language preparation and insurance costs.

To participate, your school needs to be a beneficiary of an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility project.

Europe is waiting for you!

Don’t forget that an applicant under the Erasmus+ Programme can be the organisation where you work, and not you as an individual!

>> For more information, please refer to KA1, “School Education” field.

Another opportunity for you are the Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnerships, where the school / kindergarten you work at can collaborate with other European organisations and / or institutions on issues of mutual interest for your countries.

There is a variety of opportunities for you to join, such as working groups, staff training, teaching in a foreign educational institution, and the opportunity for your pupils to participate in a period of study at another European school.

Apply with your school for:

  1. School Exchange Partnerships

The School Exchange Partnerships are a good opportunity for schools that want to create a project for pupil and staff exchange. These projects are small, with an easier application process, making them suitable for schools applying for their first Erasmus+ project.

In this type of project can participate from 2 to 6 schools – Link to the list of legitimate participants

  1. Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices

The strategic partnerships supporting the exchange of good practices enable the schools to expand their international networks through cooperation with various partners such as youth organisations, universities and business as well as other schools.

  1. Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation

This type of partnership offers the opportunity to develop, test and transfer innovative products or methods. To achieve these ambitious targets, projects can request grants to work on specific results plus additional funding to promote results.

We remind you that individual application is not eligible, a project proposal can only be submitted on behalf of the institution you represent.

>> For more information, please refer to KA2, “School Education” field.

Do not miss the opportunity to join eTwinning – a European online portal for collaboration between schools in Europe. Thanks to this platform, you can meet your European colleagues and work in a simple and quick way by implementing projects that can directly involve learners. eTwinning is very much supported by the Erasmus+ Programme and helps to find partner institutions in Europe for KA1 and KA2 projects.

>> For more information, please check the eTwinning webpage.