Learning mobility of individuals

What activities you can apply for:

  • Mobility projects for young people – ‘Youth exchanges’
  • Mobility projects for youth workers
  • Youth participation activities
  • DiscoverEU Inclusion Action


Youth exchanges and mobility for youth workers

Opportunities for young people, youth workers, staff of education institutions and civil society organisations to undertake a learning and/or professional experience in another country.

Youth participation activities

Youth-led local and transnational initiatives run by informal groups of young people and/or youth organisations to help young people engage and learn to participate in democratic life. Along with that, awareness is raised about EU common values and fundamental rights and prerequisites are created for young people and decision makers at local, national and European level to work together and contribute to European Union common goals.


Action offering 18-year-olds the opportunity to have a short-term individual or group travel experience throughout Europe. As an informal learning activity, DiscoverEU aims at fostering the sense of belonging to the European Union of the participants and allow them to explore its cultural diversity. The action also seeks to equip young people with skills and competences of value to their future lives, as well as inspire them to embrace sustainable travel in particular and environmental conscience in general. DiscoverEU includes a general action, where the young people can apply directly on the European Youth Portal as well as an inclusion action. The DiscoverEU Inclusion Action targets young people with fewer opportunities to facilitate their participation in DiscoverEU on equal footing with their peers.


There are two ways to apply for funding

  • Standard projects provide applicant organisations and informal groups of young people with an opportunity to implement one or several youth participation activities over a period of three to twenty four months. Standard projects are the best choice for organisations trying Erasmus+ for the first time, as well as for those that wish to organise a one off project and/or a limited number of activities.
  • Accredited projectsare open only to organisations holding an Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of youth. The Erasmus Youth accreditation gives simplified access to funding opportunities under Key Action 1 – learning mobility activities in the field of youth. This special funding strand allows accredited organisations to regularly receive funding for mobility activities that contribute to the gradual implementation of their accreditation plan.

Not yet ready to apply?

There are other options to join in! You may:

  • Organisations that intend to organise mobility activities on a regular basis may apply for an Erasmus accreditation. To find out more about accreditations, please read the chapter of the Programme Guide on Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of youth.
  • Besides this, organisations and informal groups of young people can participate in the programme without applying by joining a particular project as partners.
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