Mobility of staff in the field of sport

This action aims to contribute to the development of sport organisations by supporting the learning mobility of their staff.

The participating organisations should actively promote inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability, digital education and active participation through their activities. They should do so by using the specific funding opportunities provided by the Programme for these purposes, by raising awareness among their participants, by sharing best practices, and by choosing appropriate design for their activities.


The general objective of this action is to give the opportunity to staff of sport organisations, primarily in grassroots sports, to improve their competences, qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility by spending a period of time abroad, thus contributing to the capacity-building and development of sport organisations.

This action supports the professional development of coaches, and other staff (both paid staff and volunteers) in grassroots sport. Staff in non-grassroots sport, including those engaged in dual sport and non-sport careers, can also enhance the learning impact and knowledge transfer for grassroots sport staff and organisations. Learning mobility opportunities for staff in non-grassroots sport may be supported where the participation of such staff can benefit grassroots sport.

The Action contributes to the objectives of the EU Work Plan for Sport 2021–2024.

Higher education