Not-for-profit European sport events

Aim and objectives

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, funding is also allocated to the so called “Centralised Actions” which are administered by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

This Action aims to foster support the organisation of sport events, the implementation of the EU strategies on social inclusion through sport, encouraging volunteering in sport, fight against discrimination in sport and the promotion of sport and physical activity.
Not-for-profit European sport events can take place in a single country with participants from other countries (European-wide events) or may consist of separate events in each participating country (European local events).

Sport events

  • European local event (Type I): organised by a minimum of 3 organisations coming from 3 different Programme countries and a maximum of 5 organisations coming from 5 different Programme countries
  • European local event (Type II): organised by a minimum of 6 organisations coming from 6 different Programme countries
  • European-wide event: one event with at least 10 participating organisations from at least 10 Programme countries (including the applicant organisation)

Further information on the Jean Monnet Initiative, the administrative rules, the deadlines and the application opportunities is available on the website of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.

Jean Monnet Actions