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Youth worker

Are you a person working with young people? Are you willing to participate in seminars and training courses devoted to the professional development of youth workers? Are you part of an organisation active in the youth sector? Want to improve your work with young people through modern non-formal learning methods?

Then the activities in the Youth field are for you!

The Erasmus+ Programme offers opportunities for mobility, training and networking fostering the development of your skills and to improve your work with young people. The aim is to promote the quality of youth support structures, to support youth workers and youth organisations, to promote the exchange of educational practices at international level, and to improve the quality of the programme.

A new European Union initiative that enables young people to volunteer or work on projects in their own country or abroad, bringing benefits to communities and people in Europe, is the European Solidarity Corps. Young people participating in the European Solidarity Corps should accept and adhere to its mission and principles.

IMPORTANT! In all cases, applications under the Erasmus+ Programme are submitted on behalf of an organisation (association, foundation, municipality, school, etc.) rather than as an individual. Some applications may also be filed on behalf of the so-called informal group of young people – a group of at least four participants who are active in youth work but are not part of a youth organisation.

More information on the different types of activities in the Youth field can be found here:

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