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TCA activities

What are Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) between the Erasmus+ National Agencies)?

The Transnational Cooperation Activities between the National Agencies under the Erasmus+ Program aim to promote the exchange of good practices. TCA are aimed at implementing the Erasmus+ Programme priorities in order to add value and enhance the quality of the overall implementation of the Programme.

Who can participate in the TCA?

The TCA are open to students, trainees, volunteers, young people, teachers, trainers, youth workers, representatives of organisations or other stakeholders, acting as multipliers in the fields of education, training and youth.

What opportunities do the TCA provide?

TCA include a wide variety of activities such as seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences, etc.

Who organizes the TCA events?

TCA events are organised or welcomed by the Erasmus+ National Agencies, the SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities) resource centres and various non-governmental organisations.

How can one apply for a TCA event?

To participate in a specific TCA training, applicants must follow the following steps, according to the type of TCA event, as follows:

For TCA trainings and seminars in the field of youth:

  • Check whether the training is also available on the Human Resource Development Centre’s website;
  • Register at salto-youth.net;
  • Get acquainted with the requirements and conditions specified in the invitation for participation, namely type of event, eligible participants, participation criteria, funding method, deadline and any other important application related parameters;
  • Complete and submit the electronic application form enclosed within the Call for Proposals.

For TCA trainings and seminars in the fields of education and training:

  • Invitations for participation in upcoming TCA trainings and seminars in the fields of school education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education are published on the Human Resource Development Centre’s website;
  • Each invitation is accompanied by an application form and a detailed description of the event.

How are the applications evaluated?

Candidates for a given TCA are selected by all National Agencies involved in the event (an important stage is the final selection made by the National Agency organising the specific training) based on the information provided in the application form. The applicants received the selection results by email. The Human Resource Development Centre, as a sending National Agency, receives information on the ranking of the candidates. Each approved candidate is required to contact us by email at TCABulgaria@hrdc.bg by forwarding the confirmation email s/he has received from the event organiser, specifying the financial conditions for participation in the event.

Conditions for obtaining financial support for participation in a TCA

The Human Resource Development Centre, as the Erasmus+ National Agency, only supports TCA trainings and seminars, which are published on our official website of. All trainings supported by the HRDC are organised between Erasmus+ National Agencies.

The HRDC does not support activities organised by NGOs, educational institutions or any other organisation.

In order to receive financial support for the specific training you are applying for, you need to make sure that it is published on the official website of the HRDC. A link to an application form is published together with the information about the given event.

NB! You can participate in TCA once a year. According to the rules of the given activity, you can apply for any training seminar you are interested in, but you will be approved within the TCA only once per year. This requirement is intended to allow more people to participate in the Programme. We recommend that your choice of specific training be well-founded, motivated and consistent with your professional orientation.

What costs are covered?

All TCA supported by the HRDC are funded entirely by the participating Erasmus+ National Agencies.

The host agency will bear the cost of accommodation and meals and the sending Agency will bear the travel expenses.

Fees for participation in the training courses organised between the National Agencies under the Erasmus+ Programme are not due.

Our recommendations

  1. Get acquainted with the proposed training, note who is its organiser.
  2. What is your motivation to participate? Remember, you are eligible for one training per year.
  3. Contact the HRDC as soon as you receive the information that you have approved, or in advance, if you have any additional questions.
  4. If you are approved, but unforeseen circumstances arise in the preparatory phase and you cannot travel, you must inform the HRDC in writing, indicating specific and legitimate reasons. If travel tickets have been purchased and you’re unable to travel, you will have to reimburse the amount paid, except in cases of force majeure circumstances beyond your control such as illness, for which you must present medical records.
  5. Do not forget that you have to report back your participation – you must keep all your boarding passes and/or other travel documents. When an electronic ticket is checked through a mobile phone, you must apply a printout.