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Manager of an adult education provider

Your role is crucial for the development of your institution in a national and European context. As a head of an adult education institution, you can familiarise your employees with the latest developments in the policies and practices of European countries in the field of adult education through projects provided by your organisation.

Apply with your adult education institution for a mobility project that allows for the professional development of all your staff member. The opportunities you can participate in are:

  1. Teaching Assignments;
  2. Participation in structured courses or training events abroad;
  3. Job shadowing.

The programme will cover your travel, accommodation, meals, language preparation and insurance costs.

To participate, your school needs to be a beneficiary of an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility project.

Europe is waiting for you!

Don’t forget that an applicant under the Erasmus+ Programme can be the organisation where you work, and not you as an individual!

>> For more information, please refer to KA1, “Adult Education” field.

Another opportunity for you is to submit a project proposal for “Strategic partnerships” under KA2 with the aim of cooperating with other European organisations and/or institutions, local authorities and companies, to foster innovation, exchange of experience and good practices, and discuss issues of mutual interest to individual countries.

There is a variety of opportunities for you to join, such as working groups, staff training, teaching in a foreign educational institution, and the opportunity for your learners to participate in a period of study at another European organization/instituion.

Your organisation can participate in the following types of Strategic Partnerships:

  1. Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices

The strategic partnerships supporting the exchange of good practices enable the schools to expand their international networks through cooperation with various partners such as youth organisations, universities and business as well as other schools.

  1. Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation

This type of partnership offers the opportunity to develop, test and transfer innovative products or methods. To achieve these ambitious targets, projects can request grants to work on specific results plus additional funding to promote results.

We remind you that individual application is not eligible, a project proposal can only be submitted on behalf of the institution you represent.

>> For more information, please refer to KA2, “Adult Education” field.

Become part of EPALE, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe – a gateway where you can exchange experiences with lecturers, researchers, and familiarise yourself with the policies in the field. Here you can share resources and project ideas, and you have the opportunity to find partners for future Erasmus+ projects.

>> For more information, please check the EPALE webpage.